Saving Private Sheep  v.1.0

Help the woollen warrior conquer enemy territory by leading it into the secure zone.

Mathematics - Saving Greendale

An game that teaches mathematics whilst being fun and rewarding. The interactive content of the computer game teaches the student to really see how mathematic skills can help to solve daily problems and how it helps to play along in the game. The game mix


Hibernate While Saving Space

While you have hibernation enabled Windows creates big files that occupy your disk space on c: without any reason. Having more free space on the drive where Windows is installed means that Windows will run better. The software will disable hibernation

Battery Saving  v.

When you go out, you want to switch from Wi-Fi to cellular data. When you get home, you want to switch back to Wi-Fi. When you sleep, you want to turn Wi-Fi and cellular data off at the same time. All is possible with this app.

Saving calculator  v.

The tool that shows time,

Battery Saving Tips  v.

The best ways to save your battery life. Features check list for


MyWebArchive is the expert of web information save, collection, organize, and edit. It enjoys very powerful functions of web page saving, browsing, and editing; full content search, information sharing and so on. MyWebArchive is very suitable for

NetWrix Workstation Power Manager  v.1. 1. 2028

NetWrix Workstation Power Saving Manager enforces automatic energy conservation allowing organizations to utilize only the power they need to save on power costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

Converting OST File to PST File  v.3.0

Converting OST File to PST File: Use Repair OST Utility to recovers unusable OST file in offline mode and Saving OST file as PST, EML and MSG file format.

GreenNotify!  v.1.7

GreenNotify! sends IDLE PC alerts prompting the user to shut down computers that are not being used & hence saving electricity.

The Lost In Space  v.3.0

This story is not about intergalactic wars, or about saving the universe. It's the story of a ship and its crew, lost in the vast expanses of space, trying to find a way home. But their path will be long and tough.

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